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September 3, 2010
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i dont know if this was easy or hard XD
the one who can solve this must be very very good

i also that this kind of braintwisting is not much popular lol

its a crime mystery game
to those who love to solve riddles, mystery, brain teaser

difficulty level : medium

thanks to jester who help me in doing the flash :)
logic credit to @: WoW

Detective Shiki

you can write the answer in comment section ^^

before you scroll down, the answer might be in the comment section

So far from all the comments only 5 have got it correctly XD
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MabelPoerava Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2014
Ah!!!! I'm new to this game and I hardly play games like this, so I may get the answer wrong. Even so, that's fine. Here's my answer. (ENGLISH IS NOT MY MOTHER LANGUAGE, I MAY NOT BE CLEAR)

1. In the first slide, Shiki said that there was a storm last night. 

Meaning : The storm took place at night, but not morning or daytime. (I'll explain why that is necessary later on).

2. Basing on what I saw in the room or office and who's introduced, the killer has to be someone introduced to us. So it's either Jack, who may or may not murder him or the Victim, who may or may not committed suicide. On the Victim, it is clearly shown that there are three wound marks around his heart and no other object that has blood, except the pen. Seeing there's a soccer ball near the desk or appears to be laying on it, then there's the paper in front the victim and it has the word contract. The window is also open with the sun light hitting through it, and Jack is still wearing his uniform for soccer for some reason.

Meaning : Let's say the murderer is not Jack, or someone we haven't seen. So here's what I think happened. It is daytime that the murder happened, not the night when the storm is happening, because that will not explain why the window was open for the rain to come through. Seeing the contract, I think that the victim is planning to leave the team. If not, then the victim must be a new come. But that is not possible, because Jack said that they are in training this week. Meaning that they have train for some soccer battle, so there is no reason for the victim to sign a contract for being a new member of Jack's team. I'm thinking that the victim is signing a contract to move to another team, otherwise they don't want to be on any soccer team. If the victim didn't want to be on any soccer team and just quit, he could have just told the captain that he quits. So that concludes that he is signing a contract to move to another team. I think the murderer is Jack, because if it was the captain then... The Captain would have already done so before the victim could sign, since it requires the captains permission to let a teammate go on another team by contract.  So the team captain cannot be the murderer.

3. From what Jack told us, the victim is not the captain, but only a teammate as quoted. He saw the killer out the window, and he waited in here till morning to call the police. He also never touched anything in here.

Meaning : I can't tell if the window can be closed or not, since it lacks information on the drawing. It's suspicious.... Since he said he saw the killer, but I'm thinking what if the storm put out the power? Then again, no light bulb is drawn on the drawing. If the victim truly did die by the pen stab three times in his heart, then there is no reason for Jack to wait till morning. If the murderer had a gun or some weapon that can attack in long distance and murder the victim with it, then Jack would have a reason to hide. If it was the pen that can only kill by close range, then Jack could just run out or call the police when the murderer is gone. It's not like a pen can kill you when it's being thrown to you blindly in the storm, and who can see in a storm? The chance of getting hurt from a pen being thrown to you in a storm is 1 in a thousand. So there is no reason to stay in the room, I mean, a murder happened. The first thing you want is to get the police on this case right away. Besides, doesn't he have a phone ? Isn't there a phone in the office? It's a lie that he never touched anything in here, since there all these evidence pointed towards him.

Final Conclusion :  Here is what I think happened. During yesterday's daytime, the victim is in the office signing a contract to move to another team being given the permission from the captain.  Since everybody on the team has train this week, from what the murderer has told us. If that's true, then everybody must be out on the field. Since the victim who is moving to another team has no need for training, but just to complete the contract to move to another team. Since the murderer found out about what the victim is doing, he felt betrayed. (I'm sorry, I'm bad at motives. So I had to look in the comments for possible motives) That might be the motive, but that's all I can get my mind on. In the office, that's where the victim is in completing the contract. I don't think the victim is knock out, because what if they broke the window glass? The slides didn't say they were a professional team or such, there's no evidence. So I cannot take a chance on guessing that he was knock out by a soccer ball. Instead, I think that the murderer and the victim has a fight on the outside or maybe not. I think that the victim was stab outside. I mean wouldn't the blood get on you if you just stabbed someone's heart like that? Blood could have sure got spill on the ground, but if so. How did the murderer stab the victim without getting blood on himself? I think the murderer stab the victim from the behind. Since the opening of the would is in the front, blood would surely spill from the front. But if you stab the victim in his heart from behind, you would only get blood on your arm and skin only. Look at murderer's and the victim's uniform, they're short sleeves. So blood can only get on the the murderer's arm, but not clothes. When the night came, there was a storm. Since the storm bought rain, then the murderer could wash off the blood by the rain. The murder must have stayed over night to clean up and tampered with the evidence, because what kind of culprit would not do that when he has the time to do that and get away with crime? (Maybe the screw up ones?) When Shiki and Miji came, the blood on the victim's clothes had dry up and the window is wide open. But then, the murderer told us that he had not touched anything. If so, then the wide open window must have let rain came in. Even if all the rain had dried up before Shiki and Miji came, then remember this. The paper would be wrinkled if it came in contact with many rain droplets, but the drawing shows the contract paper is not wrinkle, but straight. If the window was open and the rain came in, then the blood on the victim's clothes would look blurry or faint. So the murderer has lied about on not touching anything before Shiki and Miji came. From my thinking and evidence, what the murderer truly said contradicts.
Am I right? The murderer is Jack and I have all the proofs explained. If there are any part you don't understand, please point it out.
kitokitcaso Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student Artist
Isn't it obvious or maybe not? Iam thinking his team mate is the killer and i have proof!
Proof 1.
If It is true he saw the killer escaping from the window why didn't it left footprints outside? unless the killer was still inside>
Proof 2.
How did the killer get inside? Or The victim did invited the murderer.
Proof 3.
If the killer had a pen in his hands he should be killed near the front door. so in that case when the killer was in the house he took the pen from the victim's office and stabbed him
Proof 4.
If the killer was leaving why didn't he take the murder weapon because if not the police will search for fingerprints!

So the only one can do that was you! JACK!
<Oh! and you were the only one with the victim last night and if you really did see the suspect why won't you tell the police what he looks like or stop the suspect from killing the victim?>
IamMarRika Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jack is the killer, but i dunno the answer... Hmm... Let me think of it again... Please Correct mee!!!

The murder was done in a small place downtown...

In the crime scene, the victim, is obviously stabbed by a pen, and the pen has some blood stains... 

But why would the murderer put those things so obvious?

Jack said that he never touched anything after he saw the victim...

He said that they have a training (obviously soccer) that week and he said LAST NIGHT, he saw the murderers' silhouette rushing in the window...

And again, why would the killer be so obvious if Jack is Right?

And why would Jack be scared of the killer to kill him? He said first right that he saw the murderers' silhouette rushing in the window... Which means the murderer has escaped...

I don't know whats the answer!! But I just found that unhelpful clues. I know its unhelpful!! The-dance   [EXO] Chanyeol Emoticon 

But I lyk itt!! Pony Approved!! :GIF: Clapping Dubby 
IamMarRika Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's still loading, and while I read the comments, I suppose, Jack's not the killer?
WashiShibo Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014
it was jack he said the killer went out the window last night but the carpet is dry and when you consider that the weather was bad last night that means it clearly was not opened until morning
whitekitsune1 Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
First of all, why would he be dressed up in his soccer field outfit inside of his office that early in the morning? Even if it had been done at night, there would be no reason to be dressed up to go play soccer during a storm at night. I believe the victim was called over by his colleague Jack, possibly that morning since it would be a clear day, great for going out and practicing some kicks. It wouldn't be uncommon for them to play in wet grass or even mud for that matter, even more so if the sun had dried up most of the water that fell last night.

From what I can see from the room, there is what looks to be a contract of sorts and a book next to that. There are also some trophies in the back. I believe the contract was placed there after the murder to try and set someone else up to look like the murderer as to throw off the suspicion from their self. Although I can't see the word on it too well, I believe the book next to the contract might have been a book related to the two team mates and was the lure that called him to the original crime scene, where the murderer was already waiting for him with the weapon in hand, which was later placed next to the contract on the desk to further help their case.

This being the case, the victim will have no doubt have not seen the act coming and was taken by suprise from behind and was stabbed three times viciously in the chest from behind. He probably held him there in his arm for a few moments as he bled, causing the blood trail to flow down his shirt, and then let him go, making the blood flow down his side causing the abnormal flow of blood down the front of his shirt later after it dried. The fact that the room is free from blood splatter and still rather tidy will be my evidence to help prove this theory. Because he attacked him from behind, he would not have gotten any blood on his own clothes if he had just held him there as he passed away, if he hadn't died from the first stab. If he was still alive after the three initial stabs, he might have been too shocked from his friend's actions that he did not fight back. Cleaning blood off of his hands and arms would be simple enough, even more so if he had worn gloves or something of the like.

The story of the man in the window at night was more than likely made up, whether the murder had occurred at night or early that morning. If it had happened at night, when he had opened the window, rain and wind would most likely enter the room and cause some distortion and damage, leaving behind evidence that this indeed was the case. But there is no sign of that happening. All we have is Jack's word of this, which as this point is flimsy at best. He said he waited until morning because he was afraid the man was still waiting for him out in the dark, which again is a flimsy story. He could have still called the police while he was there despite his cowardice. Even had he not waited, the suspicious person in his story might have seen him and thought it best to silence anyone who saw him to begin with and would have come back either way.

The soccer ball and both of their uniforms are very clean, being an outdoor sport, which leads me to believe this all occurred in the morning. Jack would be the number one suspect on my list as he has made claims that can be proven false and seems to show no remorse over his fallen team mate. Jack must have placed him in that chair after he killed him and the blood dried up, which explains why there are no blood stains anywhere in the room.

I hope I at least got most of it right. I'm not Conan, but I try to at least see the small details like he says you should do when trying to solve a case. ^_^ Even if it seems insignificant at first, it could be the one piece of evidence that cracks the case wide open!
tcwoua Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi, first of all, thank you for writing these all, but i didnt saw any mention of evidence , hehe, so you didnt get the right answer :)
whitekitsune1 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013
Yeah, I did forget some details, but I did use evidence to explain my findings. The pen was obviously the weapon of choice as it's covered in blood sitting on the table. The window had to have been opened that morning. (just adding those since I forgot to mention them before.) I also forgot to mention the witness's comment about him seeing the murderer's silhouette going out the window. That would have to mean he was behind him in the same house when it happened. It wouldn't have been that dark in the room for him to of only seen a silhouette if the victim had been in there signing a contract. And even if someone else was the killer, I'm sure they wouldn't have neatly set the weapon back down on the desk neatly beside the paper if they were in a hurry, so it had to have been someone who was inside the house the whole time.

The only one who had the time to make sure everything was neatly placed and set up to look like an intruder had entered could only be Jack, who had been there the whole night waiting inside the house. Had he of called the Police that night his trick would have been figured out on the spot by the police, so he waited until morning to open the window to back up his story. He made too many mistakes when coming up with his story.
tcwoua Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
any one can wait in the house before the crime , so its no telling that jack did it , there is no evidence that youve mentioned that jack is the one who did it :)
whitekitsune1 Featured By Owner May 22, 2013
Isn't that his soccer ball at the scene?
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